07 Jan

Con Hartzis

ARKNET PTY LTD has been our IT consultants for over 5 years and currently manage our computer, network and IT systems. They have proven to be knowledgeable and experienced consultants who are happy to help and manage all of our IT requirements. ARKNET PTY LTD has jumped into our previously developed system and has kept it updated and running smoothly as well as adding features to help stabilize our systems and keep them running efficiently. We don’t have to worry about that area of our business anymore as ARKNET PTY LTD has developed a reliable network. Our business relies on our IT systems to maintain communication within the office and with our clients. If any issues arise ARKNET PTY LTD has been on hand with both on and off site support.

ARKNET PTY LTD has provided practical advice and recommendations on upgrading our current network while keeping within our budget.